NOW OPEN: Allure Coffee team Ariel Connolly Chloe Friedland, Sarah Lovering and Nick Matthews.
NOW OPEN: Allure Coffee team Ariel Connolly Chloe Friedland, Sarah Lovering and Nick Matthews.

New Coast cafe will bring coffee to your car

COFFEE lovers can order their fix using mobile app Boppl and pick it up on the run at a cafe now open in Maroochydore.

The app takes your payment and Allure Coffee staff will bring the coffee to your car when you park in their carpark.

The cafe opened on Tuesday in the building next to the old church on the corner of Beach Rd and Duporth Ave.

The site is also home to Allure Medi Spa and Beauty Lounge, and has an upstairs unit owner Sarah Lovering rents to short-stay visitors through AirBnB.

The cafe's cruisy atmosphere, good coffee and quality food made by nearby Bon Bon on Sugar Rd are already drawing enthusiastic customers from nearby businesses, passers-by and the co-working space next door.

"We had a perfect spot there. There's no one else in that street,” Ms Lovering said.

The closest coffee shops were around the corner at Ocean St, and a large grassy area with street frontage made the perfect space for customers to escape the office and enjoy the sunshine, she said.

"That beautiful grass area - we wanted to create an area where they can have an outdoor working space.”

Ms Lovering says customers from nearby businesses have already discovered the outdoor tables, bean bags, phone charge points and wifi and are enjoying their coffee in the fresh air rather than grabbing a takeaway and heading back to the office straight away.

Allure Coffee recognises customers need for fast, convenient coffee and food and their love of the fast internet, she said, but when it comes to the business's own purchasing decisions Ms Lovering prefers to stay offline, supporting local business, many of which don't have online ordering systems.

From the Kunda Park-roasted Bare Coffee to drinks supplied by a Coolum Beach company, and food made by chef Uros Jaksa at Bon Bon on Sugar Rd - everything is locally-supplied, Ms Lovering said.

"All our signage - we've gone through locals rather than going through big companies,” she said.

"I think as a small community we need to create jobs.

"We need to support others, and all of those online companies, a lot of them are overseas. We're the Sunshine Coast, if we want jobs here we need to support these businesses.”

Ms Lovering said that coordinating with local businesses allowed her baristas to focus on what they're good at.

"We're not trying to be amazing at everything - everyone has their part in the business,” she said.

Bon Bon co-owner Nina Jaksa said she and husband Uros relied increasingly on the wholesale side of their business, such as the partnership with Allure Coffee and other local businesses.

"It's good news,” she said. "If we have more clients like Allure and all the others, that means that we can survive and we can stay in business. It's good, they support us and we support them.

"We really appreciate that some people know what is good food - not just what is cheapest, but they like what is really good. We do everything by ourselves - it's really for the quality.”

Order from Allure Coffee before you step out by downloading the app Boppl on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Other Sunshine Coast cafes that use the app include Acai Brothers Mooloolaba and Cup of E in Sippy Downs.

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