Memorable maternity moments - Kate and her baby bump style

KATE Middleton hasn't let pregnancy get in the way of style.

The Duchess of Cambridge has had one of the best dressed baby bumps of all time.

Kate has become known for her impeccable and sophisticated styling and has continued to impress fashion followers around the world the past six months.

Following her last public appearance at the weekend before the new royal baby is born, it seems only fitting to recap some of her most memorable maternity moments.

Local designer and royal-admirer Sarah Claire said Kate was an example for women everywhere that you can still stay elegant when expecting.

Her pregnancy style is faultless


The BUTTONS by Sarah Claire designer uses the Duchess as inspiration for her designs, which she said included elegant, well-tailored and refined pieces.

"I am amazed by how glamorous and understated Kate has looked," she said.

"Her pregnancy style is faultless."

Kate's signature feminine style shone through when last month she wore a Jenny Packham lace dress and silk jacket at the 60th anniversary of the Queen's Coronation.

"Tapered in under the bust and a loose-fitting skirt, the gorgeous Kate looked truly beautiful," Miss Claire said.

Heels have also firmly stayed on throughout her pregnancy, while just last week Kate surprised everyone by wearing a dalmatian print Hobbs coat.

It's safe to say her style will continue to impress, long after the royal baby is welcomed.


Royal baby facts

  • Will be the third-in-line to throne behind Prince Charles and Prince William.
  • The baby will be Prince Charles's first grandchild and the Queen's third.
  • Following tradition, the birth will be announced with a note pinned on the gates of Buckingham Palace.
  • The baby is said to be due in mid or late July.

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