Peregian is about to receive a building boost.
Peregian is about to receive a building boost.

New Peregian House in order: Subbies will be protected

HOPES are high in Noosa for a major economic boost with a successful tender for the new Peregian Beach Community House expected to be named before the end of the year.

This major asset which is the centrepiece of the Noosa Council’s $5.2 million Rufous St stage 3 project could have been nearing completion if not for the sudden collapse of Peregian-based building flagship Ri-Con Contractors.

Building collapse leaves shocking level of unpaid creditors

Peregian company chosen to build new community house

The company’s demise in January shocked the council, throwing its plans into disarray just before the COVID-19 business blows set in.

Council has recently gone out to tender again with a September 15 deadline for bidders. This time trust accounts will be in place to help cover payments for subbies for any work already completed should there be another contractor collapse.

Community services director Kerri Contini said council had also implemented enhanced financial assessment measures as part of this tender process.

“We reviewed the tendering and contract management processes in the wake of the project being stalled by the collapse of the previous contractor early this year,” Ms Contini said.

“We have increased the financial capability assessment and also plan to implement project trust accounts for this project, to provide greater security for local subcontractors.

“In these difficult economic times, this construction project will help boost the local economy.”

Ms Contini said assessment of tenders will hopefully be completed within three months to allow work to start on the community house and new green space.

“We are hoping to have this part of project completed by late next year,” she said.

Peregian Beach Community Association president Barry Cotterell said it was disappointing Ri-Con went to the wall.

The proposed new Peregian Beach Community House is back on track.
The proposed new Peregian Beach Community House is back on track.

“They were a success story and then all of a sudden they were gone,” he said.

“It’s been a bit slow going but it’s back on track, that’s the main thing.

“They’ve been moving as quickly as they’ve been able to move.”

Peregian Beach Community House president John Hare said Ri-Con’s liquidation and COVID had set their project back around eight or nine months to date.

“We had a meeting with council this week and they just advised us the process has started and they were going out to tender,” Mr hare said.

“So we’re hoping that construction towards the end of the year and be completed by the end of next year.

“The changes are absolutely minimal, there’s a little tweaking here and there. There’s more space, that’s the main thing.”

His team will continue to use the present facility which has served them well especially since the COVID restrictions have been lifted in recent times.

“As far as I know they’ll start construction of the next facility down by the tennis courts and then once that’s constructed we’ll move into it,” Mr Hare said.

“The (Peregian) Digital Hub is getting the current facility. They’re expanding into there which is good because they’re going great guns as well.”

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