Molloy drops assault charges

CONTROVERSIAL Noosa political figure Ivan Molloy last week dropped the charges of unlawful assault due to be heard against former Sunshine Beach Surf Club colleague Kym Drysdale.

Police prosecutor Sgt Shane Raison announced to the court that four witnesses outside would not be needed as the charges had been withdrawn.

Mr Drysdale, an electrical contractor, had come to the court with barrister Brad Farr to plead not guilty.

Instead of cross-examining witnesses, Mr Farr sought to have the charge struck so there would be no chance of them being brought against Mr Drysdale would not face the charge again.

The request was denied by Acting Magistrate Russell Pleasant.

Also untested in court was video surveillance camera footage from the surf club allegedly showing Mr Drysdale pushing Dr Molloy around 10.30pm.

In an earlier court appearance, police said Mr Drysdale had also kneed the political lecturer and former ALP candidate, who is married to the Member for Noosa Cate Molloy. Dr Molloy is a former deputy president of the Sunshine SLSC who upset the committee by going public with allegations of mismanagement and a public attack on its ban of a nude painting in the clubhouse.

Dr Molloy along with his wife was suspended earlier this year from the surf lifesaving movement for breaches of club procedure ? his suspension remains in force until June 2008. Mr Drysdale when asked outside the court if he was pleased to be able to get on with his life said: " Yes, it's certainly created a lot of pressure for everyone ? for no reason."

Dr Molloy was at the court and said he had been approached some weeks back by a club supporter of his to drop the charge.

"At the end of the day, I looked up to Kym for many years at the club as a great lifesaver and I knew his family and we used to have drinks and so on," Dr Molloy said.

"I know this has hurt him a lot and I know that regardless of the outcome this will destroy his life on the Coast...and his daughter is in the same class as us."

Dr Molloy said his Austraslia-wide band from lifesaving was the price he paid for "doing the right thing at the club".

"I'm not happy about seeing people more hurt and this thing going on and on and on.

"And in the end of the day I'm not a vindictive person,'' Mr Molloy said.

Dr Molloy said his decision was meant to help "healing" within the surf club and community.

The couple were suspended from the surf lifesaving movement until June 2008.

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