Noosa to be worldwide favourite

By Megan Everitt

BENETTON, Gucci and Prada _they will all be right here on the Sunshine Coast within the next five to 10 years.

Mega stars and mega stores will dominate the Hastings Street panorama in the future, according to music man turned real estate guru Dennis Dunstan.

The man behind Fleetwood Mac, Dennis says you don't need a crystal ball to predict New York-type prices for real estate and an international Noosa.

``If you think Noosa has hit a premium, you're wrong!'' he said.

``Over the last four or five years, I've sat around dinner tables in New York, London and America, where people continually ask: `What is it about Noosa? Tell us more about Noosa.'''

And Dennis's high profile in the music industry may even speed up the changes in Noosa. His emails to friends all over the world now include Noosa property profiles.

Dennis said the change would be inevitable as more people like himself discovered the unparalleled beauty of the area. He said even California's Malibu didn't compare.

``As much as locals don't like what international stardom brings, in five to 10 years, Hastings Street will have a whole new face. It's one of those inevitable things.

``But I do hope they keep the population cap, and if they do, I think that will just make it more exclusive and more expensive.''

Dennis believes the prices are already heading in the right direction _ thankfully, he bought his portfolio of Noosa properties five years ago.

And as to why one of the world's most successful band managers would turn to a career in real estate, he said he was simply looking for a break from the industry and a good place to raise his family.

``But I'm always on the lookout for new Australian talent.''

It was Greg Smith, of Ray White Noosa, who finally convinced his old friend to switch records.

``Dennis was involved not only on the music side of Fleetwood Mac business, but also was very involved in the day-to-day lives of the band, and on many occasions that meant searching out suitable properties and investments for his millionaire stable of clients,'' Mr Smith said.

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