DRAWING BOARD: Artist's impression of Arcare's aged care home.
DRAWING BOARD: Artist's impression of Arcare's aged care home. Contributed

Noosa aged care bid may at last find a home

A 90-BED aged care home beside Noosa Hospital may be green-lighted despite 96 public objections and eight submissions of support.

Arcare's proposal for a two-storey building covering former residential blocks in a detached housing zone on Goodchap St and Val Cr at Noosaville will be voted on by council next week.

One of the many conditions of the recommended approval is it must not cause any detriment to the amenity of the neighbourhood.

Among council planning staff's concerns are the creation of excessive noise, lighting, air-borne hazards and atmospheric pollutants including dust or odours.

Dense landscaping would have to be used along Val Cre to screen the building from homes in the street.

A minimum of 53 car parking spaces would have to be available at all times. There would be building setbacks from six metres to 33 metres in the two streets.

"While a large scale building, the proposal is well designed and is likely to sit within the streetscape without excessively dominating the streetscape or negatively impacting on nearby residences,” the planning report to council said.

"The primary use proposed is residential aged care which is a residential use and considered compatible with the surrounding detached houses.”

Arcare said the acute need for aged care places in Noosa and a lack of suitable sites more than made up for areas of Noosa Plan non-compliance such as infringement of the eight metre height limit.

Local concerns include the generation of extra traffic near the roundabout at the hospital entrance and the impact on street parking.

Council planners said the car parking proposed had been independently peer reviewed which indicated the spaces were sufficient for the intended use and "the effect of the development on the road network has been deemed to be insignificant”.

"This has been certified by a RPEQ traffic engineer and peer reviewed by council's consultant traffic engineer,” the report said.

The planners admit traffic on Val Cr traffic will increase.

"However, the proposed driveway is located 20 metrees from Val Cres/Goodchap St roundabout, minimising the traffic impacts on Val Cr.”

Acting Mayor Frank Wilkie said if he was a resident there he would like to see his concerns addressed fully by planning staff and requested a more detailed response for Monday's committee discussions.

He also requested information on the amount of land available for aged care in Noosa, given that Arcare was using this as a justification for the development.

"On behalf of the residents who may end up with a development that they never envisaged would happen in their neighbourhood, there would be a strong expectation that it not be over height,” he said.

He requested a condition for nothing over eight metres, but was told there were two breaches at the building's "lift over-runs” and the building was 98 per cent height compliant.

One objector to the Arcare care facility said the size and bulk of the proposed development which takes up 11 lots "will look totally out of place on the site which is surrounded by modest residential houses”.

"The residential character of the area will be substantially diminished In nature as a result of the development. This site is currently zoned detached housing. Having a 90 bed aged care facility on this site Is in direct conflict with the Noose Plan.

"The community expects that the council adheres to the plan and does not allow development which blatantly contravenes it, such as the proposed development.”

The woman said a 90-bed aged care facility is excessive and is an over-development of the site.

"Val Cres is not an appropriate site for such a development. The section of Goodchap St near the hospital and Val Cres are already under a lot of strain in terms of car parking, with them being used as an overflow car park for hospital staff, patients and visitors.

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