You decide on Saturday who will lead Noosa.
You decide on Saturday who will lead Noosa.

Noosa community groups release form guides to candidates

TWO distinct local government camps in Saturday’s election have been identified by community group Peregian Family and Friends while rival community group the Peregian Beach Community Association has for the first time endorsed its preferred candidates.

PFF has posted: “As community members know, Peregian Family and Friends fought very hard last year to ensure that the Peregian Surf Club remained in Surf Life Saving Queensland hands.

“Ingrid Jackson Councillor for Noosa Shire was the only councillor who voted against the Council plan to give the top floor of the surf club away via an Expression of Interest process.

“Councillor Ingrid has decided not to stand again, however she has endorsed three candidates whom she believes will continue her battle for greater transparency and governance in Noosa Council – these are the members of the Future Noosa group – David Fletcher, Karen Finzel and Andrew Squires.”

The Friends group then declares the list titled the “Wellington leaning” candidates in reference to incumbent civic leader Tony Wellington.

These are listed as Tony Wellington, Julien Cahn, Alan Lander, Brian Stockwell, Tom Wegener, Phil Moran, Janet Kake, Joe Jurisevic, Frank Wilkie, Jess Glasgow, Meghan Halverson and Yanni Van Zijl.

The “other leaning” is mayoral candidate Clare Stewart, Amelia Lorentson, Andrew Squires, Karen Finzel, David Fletcher, Patrick Lloyd, Karen Cook-Langdon, Nathanael Ford, Snezana Redford and Greg Smith.

Peregian Beach Community Association has endorsed its preferred candidates along similar lines.

“As the crisis deepens we support a vote for leadership, experience and defence of the Noosa Plan,” its Facebook page posted.

“We consider the crisis facing us now to be, by far, our greatest challenge.

“We face the triple threats of the pandemic and the associated economic crash that is now unfolding, climate change that is our greatest long-term challenge, and a new Noosa Council that demands experience and leadership.”

The PBCA said however the vote unfolds at least two councillors elected in the coming days will be new and untested due to the retirement of Ingrid Jackson and the jailing of Councillor Frank Pardon over historic sex offences.

“If we also elect a new mayor who has no local government experience this increases the risk of a dysfunctional council. We also insist that our council candidates publicly back the plan and the steady direction it provides for our community.

“It is for this reason that we endorse a candidates’ list for the first time in our history.”

The PBCA has endorsed Mayor Tony Wellington and a list of eight preferred candidates for the six councillor positions in Cr Frank Wilkie, Cr Brian Stockwell, Phil Moran, Yanni Van Zijl, Tom Wegener, Cr Joe Jurisevic, Alan Lander and Meghan Halverson.

Cooroy Area Residents Association has released is Noosa Decides 2020 form guide on candidates.

“This is one of the most important council elections in the recent decades,” CARA president Rod Ritchie said.

“The lines are drawn between those who want the best incumbents returned to protect the Noosa environment and lifestyle through the new Noosa Plan and those looking for a clean sweep of mayor and councillors.

“They are: Tony Wellington is running on his 10 years of experience in local government, including the last four years as mayor of Noosa Shire. He is backing candidates, Cr Frank Wilkie, Cr Joe Jurisevic, Cr Brian Stockwell, Phil Moran, Tom Wegener, Yanni Van Zijl, Megan Halverson, Alan Lander, Julien Cahn and Janet Kake.

“Comment: Of these candidates, Wellington, Stockwell, Moran, Wegener and Kake reside in the hinterland. They will be an effective voice for Cooroy and the district.

“Clare Stewart is running (for mayor) on the strength of brief careers as barrister and business woman. She is endorsing Amelia Lorentson, Andrew Squires, David Fletcher, Karen Cook-Langdon, Karen Finzel, and Patrick Lloyd.

“Comment: While none have local government experience, they have a range of experience in business and health care. Only Finzel lives in the hinterland.”

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