Noosa fears Christmas road gridlock

BUSY PERIOD: As tourists arrive for Noosa's busy summer season fears are rising over traffic gridlock.
BUSY PERIOD: As tourists arrive for Noosa's busy summer season fears are rising over traffic gridlock. Geoff Potter

NOOSA is again staring down the bad old days of peak holiday gridlock unless the Noosa Council can find a way in its 20-year transport policy and strategy to shift people out of their cars.

Councillor Frank Pardon said Noosa's growing trans- port dilemma was "probably the largest problem in this council's face”.

"I can't think of anything more important than to get the modal shift,” he said. "We're behind in the fact that we've had virtually almost gridlock last Christ- mas (and) Easter.

"This Christmas, I dare to say, will be worse than last Christmas.”

The council had been proactive in running the free holiday bus service and did its best to educate people about public transport use.

"If we don't get that shift and if we don't get some of this innovation happening a'la our electric buses etc, we're heading for a lot of problems in this shire,” Cr Pardon said. "People will drive in here and jam us up.”

Cr Joe Jurisevic said the main challenge to all transport policies and strategies is single-user vehicles and achieving multi occupant use "will take some work”.

Mayor Tony Wellington said the council had con- sulted with the community and had determined it needed to do this high-level policy work first, before before going into the details of an actual strategy.

"So what we have now is a policy which provides the over-arching principals we're aiming for with regards to transport in this shire and the strategy components will come later,” he said.

"We've already begun work-shopping those so that we can develop some specific items that we can then run through a community consultation process. We are intentionally extending the period for the transport strategy consultation and the decision making so that we can get it right.”

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