Noosa plan receives last look

THE details of what will become of the iconic Noosa Plan were yesterday nutted out by the Sunshine Coast Council.

In a confidential session at the Nambour chambers, councillors put the final touches on the planning document that will govern the entire Coast.

Planning councillor Russell Green declined to comment on what was up for discussion before the Noosa News went to print because he did not want to pre-empt any decision made by the council.

During the regional consultation for the plans, more than 3000 responses were submitted, described by the council as being "overwhelmingly supportive" of its direction.

The plan must again be put before the public as soon as possible if it is to be finalised before the first term of the amalgamated council winds up next March.


Noosa News, October 10, 1969

Letter to the editor

Dear Sir,

I am appalled at the decision of the Noosa Shire Council to approve a proposal by Wynard Holdings to build an eight-storey building on the beachfront at Noosa Heads.

Will our councillors never learn? It is well known that the Gold Coast regrets having allowed high-rise buildings on the beachfront.

The Gympie Times (4.10.69) reports, "The council has received a number of objections to the proposal… a number of councillors feel that the advantages of the project more than outweigh the disadvantages".

I would like to point out that the objections come from people who live at Noosa Heads, and who feel that this building will drastically alter their environment and way of life, whereas the advantages (mainly rate returns) are seen by councillors, most of whom live in the hills and who never see the building.

I feel that the only way to come to a fair decision on this matter would be to hold a referendum among the electors of Division 4.

Councillors are elected for a three-year term, and surely their duties are chiefly concerned with the smooth running and steady progress of the district.

It is quite wrong that decisions which will bring radical and irreversible changes can be decided without referring the matter to the people.

M. J. Harrold, Noosa Heads

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