WAITING: Mayor Tony Wellington is trying to find out the result of a police examination of a complaint made to the CCC.
WAITING: Mayor Tony Wellington is trying to find out the result of a police examination of a complaint made to the CCC. Peter Gardiner

Noosa ratepayers facing rate rise

NOOSA Council ratepayers are facing a minimum general rate rise of 2% on June 29 in budget papers released at a special meeting yesterday.

This charge that many residents are on will rise from $1060 last year to $1081.20. About 11,000 residential property owners who will continue to have the two-wheelie bin service will see the charges drop from $275 to $265 or down by 3.6%. They will face an overall net rates and charges increase of 1.5%

But an estimated 10,000 residential homes set to receive a new three-bin service will see their collection charge rise by 14.5% from $275 to $315. These households are facing a net rates and charges increase of 5.1%.

The biggest winners are about 5000 existing residential homes who already have three bins - their collection charge will drop from $340 to $315 or by 7.4%. They are looking at a net rates and charges rise of .4%. All ratepayers will have to bear a 50% increase in the sustainable transport levy as it jumps from $20 a year to $30. The environment levy will stay at $60 and the heritage levy is also unchanged at $10.

The 2018 total council assets are listed as more than $1.1 billion and that is forecast to grow to more than $1.4 billion by 2027.

Mayor Tony Wellington said: "This year we again keep the general rate rise to close to CPI.

"The Australian CPI for the March quarter was 2.1%. Although we are adding additional resources and functions to council's operations, we have managed to keep the minimum general rate rise to 2% ... that is again close to CPI.

"It is worth pointing out that council does need to keep up with CPI and/or the LGAQ Cost Index each year."

Cr Wellington said in order to keep delivering the same level of service year after year, the council needs to keep up with inflation in terms of its own costs.

"To fail to do so would mean diminishing service levels," he said.

The mayor said the rebadged "sustainable transport levy" increase was to "help with implementing our transport strategy".

"Thankfully, our waste management staff have done a fantastic job negotiating the new waste contract," he said.

"Although we are introducing a green waste bin for urban areas, the fee for this innovative service is partly ameliorated by a reduction in cost of the regular two bin service.

"The general rubbish and recycling (red and yellow bin) pick-up has actually reduced under the new waste contract.

"Almost half of all waste going to landfill is currently green waste which could be diverted. That green waste in landfill accounts for 42% of council's total greenhouse gas emissions"

Cr Wellington said diverting green waste from landfill is not only a long term saving for residents in terms of costs associated with operating the landfill, it will also offset an expected state tax on landfill waste.

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