Ready to make their vote count in in the federal election.
Ready to make their vote count in in the federal election.

Noosa voters are on the ball with issues

LOCAL federal voters come election day May 18 in the seats of Wide Bay and Fairfax are certainly not much of a rusted-on bunch and indicate the local candidates must come up with the "goods” to get their vote.

Asked by the Noosa News what issues could swing their vote, this is what some had to say:

Brian Hampson, 55, lives in Fairfax:

"There's nothing locally that is really bothering me. Federally it's all about the environment, they have to look after the environment.”

Jeff Hatten, 64, of the seat of Wide Bay, said his vote-changer locally was:

"This runway (flight path issue) and if (Wide Bay MP) Llew O'Brien doesn't do anything about this, even though I would (usually) vote conservative, I'll put him down.”

Cathy Duncan, 45,

of Fairfax:

"My issues would be funding for health and funding for education. Locally, probably it would be about funding for community groups.”

Steve McLean, 62, is in the seat of Wide Bay:

"The local issue that might change my vote is this current one (of airport flight paths). My vote (nationally) won't change, I'm very comfortable with the way things are going.”

Jono Hayes, 49, of the seat of Fairfax:

"That Bruce Highway is something that really needs doing and I really like what (Fairfax MP Ted O'Brien) is doing with the railway (with plans) for high-speed rail. I hate the way they keep mucking around with superannuation.”

Chris Nicoll, 64,

of Fairfax:

"Locally it's the control of development and federally it's the pensions. You have to look after the pensioners.”

Tony Hoad, 53, of Black Mountain in Wide Bay:

"Transport is a big thing around this area. There's no public transport where I live.”

Sylvia Schillings, 58,

of Fairfax:

"A local issue would probably be with the airport (flight paths). Nationally, I'm with Labor on want they plan to do, especially with taxation.”

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