ROAD AHEAD: Cycle lanes are a key demand on the RACQ's wish list.
ROAD AHEAD: Cycle lanes are a key demand on the RACQ's wish list. Contributed

Noosa would enjoy a car rego freeze if RACQ in driver's seat

NOOSA drivers would have their vehicle registration charges frozen and cyclists would enjoy mandatory segregated cycle lanes as part of all major road upgrades if the RACQ wish list was implemented by governments.

The peak motoring body's Motoring Matters report also wants an increased on-road police presence and support for car safety rating programs and mandatory fuel price reporting.

"With transport costs the third largest household expense behind housing and food, the RACQ is disappointed that Queenslanders are paying more for vehicle registration and driver licence fees, but receiving less back in state capital road and transport investment,” the RACQ report said.

"To rectify this imbalance, we are asking government to freeze registration for three years and to increase expenditure on capital road and transport infrastructure to a minimum of two per cent of gross state product.

"In Motoring Matters 2015-2018, the RACQ called on the State Government to include segregated bicycle infrastructure as part of all upgrades to state controlled roads and to remove stamp duty to encourage fleet transition to safe, low emission vehicles.”

The report said there is positive impacts from current levels of on-road policing on road safety "however more needs to be done to drive down fatalities and serious injuries on Queensland roads”.

"We are calling on the Queensland Government to increase the Queensland Police Service Road Policing Command by five per cent each year to enable an active on-road presence.

"Effective enforcement is a balance between visible policing and the use of technology to monitor and detect infringements.

"The RACQ has long advocated for the roll out of mobile automatic number plate recognition technology to assist in deterring and detecting unlicensed drivers, or drivers in unregistered or stolen vehicles.”

The RACQ report was pleased with the number of police vehicles fitted with this technology had increased to 60 by mid-2016.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said now the federal election date had been set, it was time voters called on politicians, and demanded action.

"Queensland is once again a battleground state, so we want those promises made and those promises kept once the election is over,” Mr Turner said.

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