CR Ingrid Jackson
CR Ingrid Jackson Peter Gardiner

Noosa's Cr Jackson to vote from afar while touring overseas

BEING overseas should not stop Councillor Ingrid Jackson from having her presence felt at the July 18 ordinary meeting.

And while Noosa Council may not have the technology to have the ever-watchful councillor appear by hologram, they will be nevertheless looking to beam her back live to council's Pelican St headquarters.

The councillors next Thursday are set to approve her request to channel her ordinary meeting attendance by teleconference while she is away during July and August. According to council CEO Brett de Chastel the Local Government Regulation 2012 allows for this arrangement as long as her fellow councillors approve.

The council is also set to ensure her temporary work absence does not become permanent due a section of the Local Government Act which states "a councillor's office becomes vacant if the councillor is absent from two or more consecutive ordinary meetings of the local government over a period of at least two months" by approving her non-attendance in advance.

"It is anticipated that the technology to enable Cr Jackson to attend these two ordinary meetings should work well but as there will be an overseas element outside of our control, there is a potential technology risk," Mr de Chastel said.

"To ensure that this does not impact on Cr Jackson's ongoing role as a councillor, that risk is mitigated by providing a leave of absence just in case."

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