Bats die, eggs fry as Queensland city hits 40C


The mercury has hit the 40C mark in Townsville today as North Queensland's sweltering heatwave continues.

The Bureau of Meteorology recorded a temperature of 40.8C at 11.49am in Townsville, with the Mount Stuart base not far behind at 40.7C at 11.32am.

The Townsville Air Weapons Range hit a straight 40C at 12.19pm.

Townsville hits record use of power as city swelters


Hundreds of bats have succumbed to the heat in the region, with confronting video footage emerging of the overheated animals dropping from trees at Dan Gleeson Park.

NQ Wildlife Care have called for donations and support after trying to rescue as many of the bats as possible.

The region reached its second-highest peak of electricity use this week, with 30 to 40 per cent of the network peak load attributed to residents cranking the airconditioning to escape the suffocating heat.

Numerous sporting teams have called off meets and trainings for safety, with schools also opting to postpone or cancel outdoor activities to prevent heatstroke.

A Townsville Hospital spokesman said four people presented to the hospital with heat related illnesses over the weekend.

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