NUDE FOOD: Calais and Logan of Peregian Springs school.
NUDE FOOD: Calais and Logan of Peregian Springs school. John Mccutcheon

Food goes nude and Peregian Springs school is so proud

WHILE one mega supermarket chain might market itself as the fresh food people, down at Peregian Springs State School, the concept of nude food students is really catching on.

Last Friday on general school parade, students Calais Strudwick and Logan Gray warmed their fellow students by showing them the good and the bad of school eating - with stripped back packaging the clear winner.

School deputy head Sandy Cathcart explained that nude food is unpackaged to reduce waste and rubbish in the school and in the environment around us, and students are "encouraged to bring their school lunches in reusable containers" rather than that other trendy packaging that is often associated with fast food.

Students and family members tomorrow will sit down together for a Winter Nude Food Picnic on the oval at 10.20am.

So ditch the plastic bags, paper bags and cling wraps to help Australia lose its place as the second highest producer of waste per person in the western world.

One nude food website says the average lunch- toting child generates around 30kg of litter a year.

The change the environment needs, starts tomorrow at Peregian Springs.

The class with the least amount of rubbish by weight will win a prize.



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