Nudists Alex Broughton and Alex Baker prepare for Saturday's protest in Noosa.
Nudists Alex Broughton and Alex Baker prepare for Saturday's protest in Noosa. Warren Lynam

Nude protesters urged to keep it in their pants

PROTESTERS who bare all in Noosa's main street will expose themselves to more than just ultra-violet sun rays.

Australian Sex Party secretary Robin Bristow and Noosa police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Steve McReight have been discussing plans for a protest scheduled for Hastings St at noon on Saturday.

Up to 15 people are expected to gather in front of Noosa Heads Police Beat shop front to protest against a police crackdown on nude sunbathing at Alexandria Bay.

Mr Bristow, an organiser of the protest, recorded a telephone conversation between himself and Snr Sgt McReight on Friday morning.

Snr Sgt McReight told Mr Bristow he was concerned some protesters might want to take their clothes off.

"That mightn't be the best thing for a lot of other people around," Snr Sgt McReight said.

He said the group was entitled to its right to protest but said he would appreciate it if people kept their clothes on.

He acknowledged he had a very good rapport with protesters who had been organised by Mr Bristow on previous events such as former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's visit last year.

Mr Bristow said he would consider it "lucky" if more than 15 protesters turned up.

Snr Sgt McReight said he was also concerned some people may try to impinge on the protesters' right to demonstrate and had organised police patrols for protection.

When asked if protesters were going to take their clothes off Mr Bristow said they would conduct themselves within the confines of the law.

"We are not planning to do anything illegal," Mr Bristow said.

He said it was not illegal in Queensland for women to be naked.

Australian Sex Party president Mark McGovern is preparing a submission to the Anti-Discrimination Commission in Queensland, arguing police mistakenly believe "female genitals comprise of the labia minora only".

Snr Sgt McReight said he was not going to argue points of law with him but said police could act if people's actions were deemed offensive.

He said that could be regardless of whether or not police received a complaint about the behaviour.

"I don't want to see good people end up on the wrong side of the law for simple stuff," Snr Sgt McReight said.

Mr Bristow said police needed to be careful they didn't do anything illegal themselves.

"We will be filming and we will be asking police officers their names," Mr Bristow said.

The Daily contacted Snr Sgt McReight after receiving a copy of the recording.

He said he would be attending the protest and said police had a firm opinion people could be locked up if they did "certain things".

"They've got their opinion of what genitalia is and we've got our legal opinion of what genitalia is," Snr Sgt McReight said.



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