**WARNING: NUDITY** Nudist day at Alexandra Beach. Rocky and Dei Ind enjoy the sights Photo: Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily
**WARNING: NUDITY** Nudist day at Alexandra Beach. Rocky and Dei Ind enjoy the sights Photo: Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily Warren Lynam

Nudist beach would weed out perverts, says advocate

AN OUTSPOKEN nudist suggests the "sleazy elements" that visit nude beaches would be eradicated if clothes-optional beaches became legal in Queensland.

Rocky Ind, a full-time nudist who organised the recent Alexandria Bay Beach Carnival, said legalising nude beaches - like Noosa's Alexandria Bay - would give genuine nudists the authority to evict the creeps.

"Everywhere they've put legalised nude beaches, it becomes self-policing, it gets rid of the sleazy element," Mr Ind said.

"Anywhere that becomes nude, well then they've got something to say to those who are not doing the right thing."

Mr Ind's expert input follows two recent incidents on Sunshine Coast beaches.

In the first, a lone female jogger was approached on Noosa's A-Bay beach by a male nudist who shoved a camera into her hands and asked her to take his photo. In the second incident, a nude man approached three teen beachgoers last week at Coolum's Second Bay.

"My opinion of these people, and the opinion of the vast majority of the nudists in Australia, is that these people are not genuine nudists," Mr Ind said.

"People in the nude should be avoiding those people, not out there on display, in your face, as it were.

"The incidents of this sort of behaviour is just about zero in legalised nude beaches; you don't get that sort of interaction."

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Sunshine Coast mayor Mark Jamieson said having legal nude beaches did not match the Sunshine Coast's family image.

"The majority of our beaches are very open, with few small coves, therefore they do not lend themselves to an activity which by necessity would require some screening, as we are a family destination," Mr Jamieson said.

"As a nudist beach exists further north, I really don't see either the demand or the opportunity for such a beach here on the Sunshine Coast."

A Noosa Council spokesman said the legalisation of Alexandria Bay beach as a nudist beach was not being considered.

"This issue is not currently under consideration by Noosa Council," the spokesman said.

"No, There is no legislation in place that declares Alexandra Bay as a nudist beach."

Noosa Council declined to comment as to whether legalisation could help eradicate the sleazy element.

"This is a matter for Queensland Police Service - council has no jurisdiction in this area," the spokesman said.

Police media reiterated that any reported incidents were investigated, but added it cannot close down something it is not allowing to occur.

Mr Ind noted that the creepy beachgoers were also an issue at ordinary beaches.

"I guess it makes good coverage if they are nudes, but people can be fairly sleazy on a textile beach and we've seen it ... on a textile beach, people chasing after young ladies, when I say chasing, almost stalking," he said.

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