PUPPET MASTER: Leader of the PUP, Clive Palmer.
PUPPET MASTER: Leader of the PUP, Clive Palmer. Brett Wortman

YOUR VIEW: Of course the chief PUP is a dictator

READER COMMENTS: SORRY you will have to forgive me as I've just fallen off my chair laughing. I thought I had just read that somebody had called Clive Palmer a dictator.

Has it really taken this long for somebody to actually come out and say this? You've got to be kidding yourself if you thought otherwise.

Campbell Newman is sometimes depicted as a dictator, but he has at least a Cabinet to answer to. Clive Palmer answers to nobody ... end of story.

I can't type any more as I'll crack up again just thinking about it.



ANOTHER day another government policy rejection by Clive Palmer and his puppets. He now objects to deregulation of university fees which makes universities less competitive.

The Senate is controlled by minority parties with the smallest party having the most influence on policies.

Each of this micro party members has got their seat with fractional voter support ranging from 0.5% to 2.5%. Even the PUP party leader got in with a mere 23% of the primary vote.

This is laughable and one cannot be blamed for comparing the situation to a zoo being run by the monkeys.

The future looks bleak as Tony Abbott continues trying to negotiate his way through this forest of negativity and spiteful objection.


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