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A national day of mourning for Offspring's Patrick?

LIKE most Offspring fans, I'm mourning the imminent passing of Nina's partner and baby daddy Patrick.

Dr Reid's sudden death will certainly make for some meaty drama as grief-stricken obstetrician Nina faces having her first child alone.

But I'm still coming to terms with how the show's writers dispatched Patrick, who had been cementing himself into the Proudman family.

When a car rounding a corner side-swipes him, Patrick seems to take a seemingly minor tumble.

I thought the writers were about to throw viewers a curve ball with the near miss .

The pace at which that stumble turned into slurred speech, unconsciousness and then death in the operating theatre was jarring.

And the surgeon's medical-jargon filled explanation of Patrick's bleeding of the brain, from what I could gather, to Nina didn't clarify.

I'm hoping we at least see a little more emotion out of actress Asher Keddie in next week's season final, as all we got last night was a blank look of shock on Nina's face and a few tears in the final minutes of the show.

The show's producers Imogen Banks and John Edwards have told TV Tonight Channel 10's promos highlighting the death of a main character were "unfortunate" and spoiled the surprise of Patrick's death.

I can only imagine how fans would have reacted if the death had been a complete surprise.


What do you think of them killing off Patrick?

This poll ended on 15 August 2013.

Current Results

I'm devastated. I can't believe they would do that


Why is this even in the news?


Great TV. Needed some drama


Can we have a day off to mourn fictional deaths?


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Some of the reaction on Facebook

Cushla Wise: Please keep the show as quirky and offbeat.....Patrick could have just left the show! Most people have enough drama and sadness in their real life and watch this show for it's gentle....awkwardness. Dont make it "just another Drama!

Caroline Ross:  How could you kill off Patrick in such a poor way 
That wasn't a reality of a doctor talking to a heavily pregnant woman after losing her partner. Or a Organ Donor Co-coordinator basically saying hurry up and get out
Really Sad that you did this to the character of Patrick  Why couldn't you just put him in a coma !

Cath Philpott: BAD DECISION WRITERS!!!!!!!! You are becoming a show that is becoming VERY used to be the show that I enjoyed watching because it was uplifting, funny and left of centre. Now you are just competing with all the other same, same dramas. Doesn't anyone on your writing team have a positive outlook on life?\



A Facebook post mourning the loss of Patrick on Offspring
A Facebook post mourning the loss of Patrick on Offspring

Melissa Anderson: Was it too much to ask for the fairy tale ending??


Shaz ZH: Who's coming with me to the funeral next week then??

Still heart broken over Patrick dying

Anita Anya Gisch: Arg. What's with all the drama? This show started out quirky and had the potential to be a great comedy. Now it's gone to Home and Away plot quality. How dissapointing....

Erica Shilton: NOOOO PAtrick NOOO!!!

Nola Fitch: Its so annoying and frustrating when producers feel the need to kill of people from their shows.....the great thing about this show, was that it was funny, and great to finally see a show about such a dysfunctional group of people, and which can be related to so easily! If the death was done for ratings, the show already has a huge following and so the death was totally unnecessary! People experience heartache and grief in their everyday lives and so to have a show that takes you away from that is to the producers ......ok, that's my rant over!


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