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Ashley Robinson John McCutcheon

OPINION: It's time our politicians sat up and took notice

I WAS lucky enough to listen to Victoria Cross recipients Keith Payne and Ben Roberts-Smith last week.

Two remarkable humans over four decades apart and while they have courage in common, sadly they also have something else - the fact that this country is still struggling to rehabilitate returned serviceman and woman.

Keith was very forthright about the subject and honed in on Federal MP Andrew Wallace, who was in the front row, telling him take the message back to Malcolm Turnbull.

While it was quite entertaining, it made me start thinking not only about our returned veterans but also about our politicians and whether they are getting any of the messages.

If so, are they doing anything about them?

Surely the guy with the massive comb-over who is now the Leader of the Free World should have woken a few of our pollies from their slumber and ripped the security blanket from their greedy little hands.

It seems there are no certainties in politics but one thing that does seem certain is that what they say leading up to an election and what they actually mean are two vastly different animals.

Donald's wall between Mexico now has changed to "maybe there will be a fence down there in some parts”.

Some of his hardline statements have now been reclassified as "That was just election speak”, which in some ways is good but in other ways typical of so many on our own shores.

I would not hesitate to predict that if we had the same political system as the USA, after our next federal election Pauline Hansen would be sitting by the pool at Kirribilli.

Now that should be the message getting through to every federal and state politician in the major parties as, for mine, it is pretty bloody scary.

I also think a major difference between Pauline and Donald that if she says something, she will most likely do it. She seems to pretty much stick to her convictions, which is admirable but even scarier.

Hopefully the comb-over guy has rattled the trees around parliament houses in Australia and maybe what will start falling out is the truth and a conviction of doing the right thing for the right reasons, rather than to simply keep their jobs.

With all due respect to the heartfelt "Lest We Forget”, let us not forget our returned veterans, their families and those that didn't come home as well as our political representatives not forgetting the truth and why they were put there in the first place.

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