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File photo: Round-a-bout generic Bev Lacey

'Formula-driver wannabes': Coast motorists, learn to indicate

WELCOME to the little space in their paper where I like to rant and complain once a week.

Last week the hot topic was tailgating and this week I want to talk about indicating.

You know, that thing you're taught to do when you turn left, right, change lanes and exit a round-a-bout?

Not only is this neat little function built into our cars used as a courtesy to other road users, it's also the law.

What is it with drivers on the Sunshine Coast that think they don't need to indicate?

Should drivers indicate when coming off a round-a-bout?

This poll ended on 01 March 2018.

Current Results

Yes, it's the law and for good reason


No, it's pretty obvious what exit a driver is going to take


Sometimes I forget to indicate


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Every day on my drive home from work, especially along Nicklin Way, I encounter at least one Formula-driver wannabe drifting between the three lanes, weaving amongst traffic trying to get ahead.

Fine, we get it. You have places to be and the rest of us are happy to crawl by at a slow pace after a 10-hour working day (just kidding).

But at least use your indicator to alert other drivers that you're going to be driving like a maniac? Pulling out quickly in front of another car into a tiny space is not only annoying for the car you have cut off who has to suddenly break to leave some distance for you, but it's also dangerous if you're just jumping the line with no warning.

Just because you're moving fast it doesn't mean your exempt from utilising common sense and basic road rules. And what about those drivers who don't indicate coming off a round-a-bout?

You can lose two points and cop a fine of $75 for not indicating off. I'm not really worried whether your wallet takes a hit or not, that's your problem.

I'm just reiterating the fact that there are rules in place and for good reason.

Here, educate yourself:

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