FILE PHOTO: Young boy in a schoolyard.
FILE PHOTO: Young boy in a schoolyard. michellegibson

OPINION: Why I don't want to bring children into this world

AS a kid I was bullied for a medical condition that meant I had to wear a big, white, floppy patch over one eye to strengthen my weak, lazy eye.

I was short, with a bob haircut, big ol' fangs for teeth with huge, round glasses.

If I am being honest, I looked a little bit like Harry Potter. And my colleague who sits next to me in the office?

He was bullied at school because his mum made him wear sunscreen at sporting events. Sorry you had to go through that Matty but someone had to protect your snow-white skin.

Over a decade ago, this was about as bad as bullying got.

Now we are hearing stories of teenage girls being told they are fat pigs, should stop eating and don't deserve to live.

We are hearing stories of boys as young as 12 trying to kill themselves, girls, 14, locking themselves in bathrooms refusing to come out because they can't face the world any more.

Parents can't even trust their children to be near sharp objects - terrified they will be used as a weapon to self-harm.

What's worse is that this has become somewhat of a behavioural norm among teens.

What will be the norm in another 15 years time?


You can almost count on it, as we are already halfway there.

Already in Australia there are 65,300 suicide attempts each year and more than eight people succeed daily, according to Lifeline.

I have always wanted to be a mother, but I am absolutely terrified and almost reluctant to bring a child into this world. What if my child was the victim. Or worse, what if they were a bully? 

If you need help, phone Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 or visit or Lifeline on 131114. 

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