Grant and Deb Monaghan, of Eclipse Organics.
Grant and Deb Monaghan, of Eclipse Organics. CONTRIBUTED

Organics business spreads family's passion for health

GRANT Monaghan was an SAS soldier and Navy diver who knew the importance of a well-balanced and clean diet to fuel the body when operating at extreme levels.

His wife Deb has had an interesting career as a business development officer, as well as being a lifesaver and Sea World skier.

So both had long taken organic products seriously and realised their benefits.

Now they work side by side as independent distributors for organic skincare and nutritional multi-level marketing company Jeunesse Global, as well as focusing on their own business: Eclipse Organics.

Deb said Eclipse Organics was truly a family affair.

"My brother Brett created the brand and he also runs and operates the kitchens and the business nationally with his partner Jonny," she said.

"Brett lived and worked in Europe for 10 years and quickly learned that the Italians and French didn't eat muesli for breakfast as we were used to back home.

"Having made his own muesli creations for a decade, when he returned home he found his tastebuds had been spoilt and with no luck finding quality organic muesli, he realised there was a place for Australian muesli made without compromise and loaded with quality organic ingredients.

"Jonny's attention to detail came together with Brett's creative talents.

"They became a team and created our first muesli and Eclipse Organics was born."

The name Eclipse Organics has definitely been getting some positive feedback from others in the industry and their clients especially.

The business is believed to make the only Australian Certified Organic paleo bar.

Its muesli has taken first and second place in the toasted muesli and first place in the untoasted sections for two years running in the prestigious Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards from more than 50 manufactures across the country.

By selling the Eclipse Organics range at the Caloundra Street Fair and Kawana Waters Farmers' Market, Grant and Deb want to share their passion for the business and showcase the family brand.

Their customers are already letting them know what their favourites are the nut honey and chai muesli, followed closely by maple apple and cranberry.

Considering these are just some of the options, customers are definitely spoilt for choice.

"Organic food tastes great and certified organic agriculture is a production method that emphasises the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality," Deb said.

"Organic food products are produced using agricultural management practices that promote healthy eco-systems and prohibit the use of genetically engineered seeds or crops, sewage sludge, long-lasting pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

"Organic certification is the public's assurance that products have been grown and handled according to strict procedures without persistent toxic chemical inputs.

"Considering the organic industry is now valued at over $1.72 billion, representing a 15.4% compound annual growth rate since 2009, and Australian Organic said the growth demonstrated that consumption of certified organic food, cosmetics and household products was at a record high in Australia, I think consumers have definitely spoken.

"Our organic muesli and food bars are created by hand with love. We do it for ourselves, our family and our friends.

"Since the beginning, our philosophy remains unchanged.

"We are proudly Australian Certified Organic and we create a diverse range of products and we are inspired by what we do and revel in our involvement in the organic community."

Being involved in the community is definitely something they enjoy at the Kawana Waters Farmers Market and the Caloundra Street Fair where both Grant and Deb like interacting with the public and find the positive energy contagious.

"We get to speak directly as well to customers who have dietary requirements including allergies and are on a quest to widen and vary their food choice and this brings the nicest feeling - the feeling of giving," Deb said.

"Because Eclipse Bars are made by hand and fresh to order, this allows us to create a food bar that has a fresh taste and texture similar to a bar made at home.

"When you look at the ingredient list of Eclipse Bars, you will see a short list of renowned superfoods including chia seeds, nuts, seeds, raw cacao, coconut, dates among others.

"Things keep growing around our kitchen as Eclipse Organics thrives - a larger crew, bigger ovens and a mighty big mixing bowl and food processor, allowing us to create all the muesli, food bars and other awesome food products.

"Happily, there is one thing that has never changed and that is the love and the quality ingredients that we put into everything we make because we know who grows our food, where it grows and how farmers produce our ingredients.

"We're passionate about our healthy creations."

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