OUR SAY: Message may be a life saver

Samantha Wilson, a recovering drug addict who is turning her life around.
Samantha Wilson, a recovering drug addict who is turning her life around. Patrick Woods

AUTHOR Stephen King once described 19 as the age when you're "feeling like you're 10 foot tall and bulletproof” before life manages to "knock you down a notch or two”.

It's as good an analogy as any about the overconfidence of youth and the dark dangers it hides.

It's not just 19. The same could be said of any age from 16 to 20-something and, in some cases, even older.

It's rare to find a person who's made it to 30 without losing someone close to them in tragic circumstances - or coming close to being that person themselves.

Car accidents, suicides, "misadventure” and now, more often, drugs, take a tragic toll on our youth.

Forget that stupid line about only the good dying young. Young people don't want to die any more than they want to become hooked on drugs and die with a needle sticking out of their arm.

But it happens. Because they're young and looking for a thrill. Or trying to be cool.

It happened to Samantha Wilson, whose confronting story features in today's Daily.

Samantha became so hooked on ice that she chose injecting drugs over spending time with her infant child.

She is one of the lucky ones.

She survived when many haven't.

Now she wants other young people to hear her story and learn from it.

You can't put an old head on young shoulders and those most at risk might think they know better.

But if just one young person reads Samantha's story today and survives because of it, her efforts will have been worthwhile.

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