OUR SAY: Surely normality has to prevail

THERE'S an odd feeling for any journalist when they write a story about a particularly stupid fad.

As much as we intend to alert society at large to the dangers or the potential damage associated with it, we know we may also give rise to copycats.

The sentiment is probably never truer than it is with the "creepy clown craze" sweeping across Queensland and indeed the world.

Just five days ago the craze was something which had only happened in the US.

Now there is scarcely a population in Australia that hasn't been impacted.

We've had the State Government call for it to stop, vigilante groups spring up and a 15-year-old boy from Inala south of Brisbane will soon face court over charges which arose when he was reportedly trying to scare his siblings.

On the Fraser Coast a young mum was terrified after a clown was caught peering through the window at her and her baby.

Does the media unintentionally encourage this stupidity by reporting it? Possibly.

So let's balance that out. If you're concerned your child or even someone you know may be about to become a clown and go around scaring people for no reason please explain to them their infantile idiocy.

And if you see a clown please don't hit them, don't be scared, just ignore them.

Or tell the police, who can hopefully take them off the streets.

Surely at some point normality has to prevail.

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