OUR SAY: University hospital is no pollie plaything

WE DON'T care how it's done, what it takes, or who does it.

All we want is our brand new, world-class hospital to be everything it was promised to be. To do that we need a fully operational medical school, not two tiers of government squabbling.


What was promised was the first university hospital of its kind outside of a metropolitan area. What we have now is uncertainty and politicking when this tremendous facility is months away from opening.

Without the education facility, experts say we won't attract the best in fields like neurosurgery and cardiothoracic surgery.

Our plans to become a centre of research excellence will be dealt a major blow.

And the dreams of countless Coast families who hope their children can grow up, study, work and raise their own families here, lie in tatters. The brain drain continues.

fair go sunshine coast graphic
fair go sunshine coast graphic

A significant industry that isn't construction, retail or tourism is a godsend for our area and it deserves to be treated with more importance than it currently is.

Between the State and Federal Government they control the funding, educational placements and the future of our Sunshine Coast University Hospital's status as a world-class medical educational facility.

To think the country's newest major hospital, the largest health infrastructure project in the southern hemisphere, could be without a fully-functional medical school is ridiculous.

It also leaves us in the same position as now in terms of teaching. So what's the point of building it if we don't allow them to come?

Enough with the political football. We demand action.

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