PETS: American staffies Layla and Rig.
PETS: American staffies Layla and Rig.

Owner of staffy pair accused of attacking police dog speaks

THE owner of two American staffy pets accused of attacking a Sunshine Coast police dog says she is devastated and worried sick over the incident.

Julia-Kate Sparks was not at home when police officers and police dog DJ executed a drug-related search warrant at her Mooloolaba property.

A 27-year-old man was charged with possession of dangerous drugs as a result of the search warrant.

Ms Sparks said yesterday she believed her dogs were only acting instinctively and guarding their territory after seeing "strange men" and a dog at the door.

Ms Sparks has been receiving support on the Daily's Facebook page from friends and fellow dog lovers sympathetic to her dogs' reaction to the incident.

IN THE LINE OF DUTY: Senior Constable Justyn Mergard with the recuperating police dog DJ.
IN THE LINE OF DUTY: Senior Constable Justyn Mergard with the recuperating police dog DJ. John Mccutcheon

"The police were only doing their job," Ms Sparks said.

"I wish I'd have been at home and I'd have been able to put my dogs away and let DJ do his job."

As a dog lover who dotes on her two American staffies - a two-year old female called Layla and a three-year-old male called Rig - Ms Sparks said she felt sorry for DJ.

The german shepherd police dog sustained cuts to his legs during the incident, and Ms Sparks believes only Rig, the male, caused damage.


"With me away and only my mum and little sister at my home, the dogs felt they were in charge," Ms Sparks said. "They are not aggressive. I've had them since they were pups and they've never bitten any other dogs or people."

Ms Sparks said she understood why the police had to capsicum spray her dogs to restrain them, but was upset the situation occurred at all.

"I understand the point of a raid is the element of surprise, so I don't blame the police at all."

She is co-operating with the council, which is investigating the matter.

If the dogs are deemed dangerous, Ms Sparks faces higher registration fees and other council restrictions.

A council officer is due to visit her property tomorrow.

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