WE SAY: Parking rage could force new laws

OUR VIEW: Everyone has a story about car parking.

Some are funny, some are weird and others are downright shocking.

The red, open-topped sports car - without a baby seat - sitting cheekily in a "mothers only" car park.

Or the driver who zips down a one-day lane the wrong way to take the parking space right in front of you.

Or a new, optioned-up black ute with dubious decals on the back window in a "disabled parking" space.

Or the pedestrian standing in a car park blocking it, "holding" the space for a car behind you.

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Instances like these - and others that are less in your face - have sparked angry car park arguments and savage road rage assaults.

The fact is, driving, if you are going to do it well, requires a touch of nervous energy. Senses are heightened, and that lifts our ability to critically assess what is going on around us.

And we all tend to be in a hurry, going to the shops, making an appointment, or dropping kids off at school.

The road laws, as they stand at present, require good manners.

To work, drivers have to be sensitive to others.

It would be a sad state of affairs if bad behaviour on the roads - and in car parks - forced the introduction of new laws.

But that could well be the upshot.

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