Review: Insurers charging premiums after pets die

PET owners could still face insurance charges for their beloved companions after the death of the pet, a review of pet insurance has found.

The review, by consumer group Choice, found many insurers continued to charge premiums on pet insurance, even after the death of the animal.

It also found some loopholes regarding diseases in pets for which there were known vaccines, and whether insurers cover such incidents.

Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey said the group received complaints from "distraught pet owners" who were forced to pay premiums after their pets' death.

"It's also concerning that several insurers are not being clear in their product disclosure statements (PDS) and it's unsurprising they have attracted the attention of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)," he said.

"ASIC has found that several insurers have failed to make it clear that they exclude cover for diseases which there is a known vaccination for, even if your pet has been vaccinated but still contracts the disease."

Choice recommended pet owners always read the "product disclosure statement" (small print) on their pet insurance before signing up.