PUPPY LOVE: Django, FKA Pete, with his new owner Andrew Howell.
PUPPY LOVE: Django, FKA Pete, with his new owner Andrew Howell.

Pete the puppy almost misses out

PETE, the young dog, saw dozens of his friends being re-homed around him on the first two days of the RSPCA Clear the Shelters campaign, but no one came for him.

The Noosa RSPCA put out a call on social media with a picture of Pete looking dapper in a bow tie, saying "Poor Pete, he missed out today. Please can someone adopt him tomorrow?" 

On Sunday, the last day of the campaign, Pete found his forever home with his loving owners.

"I saw Pete and he was so timid, but his tail was wagging so I knew he was a friendly dog," new owner Deb Howell said.

"It was love at first sight for us."

Mrs Howell said her family had been thinking of adopting a new dog for a little while, but the incredibly reduced adoption fees of $29 sealed the deal.

"We were not concerned with a $200 or $300 adoption fee, we knew we were going to get a dog from the RSPCA anyway," Mrs Howell said. 

We were all adopted! Animals who found homes on February 23: 

"I knew they had their adoption drive that weekend, and was my husband's birthday, so we thought let's go. We were ready."

And the dog, formerly known as Pete, was ready for them.

"We took our little dog with us to the RSPCA, they got along beautifully," Mrs Howell said.

"We took him (Pete) home and he had his first bath straight away, he's had his first walk. 

"He's so chill and we're so happy we could find him a home.

"He is my husband's dog, my dog is our little dog, but there's something about him, you just can't help but love him.

"Pete wasn't a cool enough name, so my husband called him Django - because he's been unchained."

The Noosa RSPCA re-homed about 90 per cent of animals - 23 dogs and 38 cats - during the three-day Clear the Shelter campaign.

That matched the state-wide statistic with 90 per cent, or 1055 animals, now in new homes.

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