Peter answers the call for a change

Noosaville's Peter Lyon is an everyday man who took a random phone call recently that could end up helping shape the world's future.

In the ultimate butterfly effect, where small events can bring about global shifts, what Peter thought was another selling line from a call centre, turned out to be an audition for the World Wide Views on Global Warming national conference.

Peter said he was asked to do a phone survey on his views - which turned out to be a stack of questions.

The conference organisers liked his responses because he was one of 100 “ordinary” Australians from all walks of life chosen to take part in an extraordinary global citizen's forum instigated by the Danish Government.

The Danes are hosting in Copenhagen this December, the biggest climate conference since the Kyoto Protocol and want to “empower” men and women from 44 countries to make their voices heard.

Peter, a 48-year-old father of three, is still trying to come to terms with his place in history at September 25-27 at the Sydney showdown with global warming.

“I'm in the mining game - actually I work on drilling maintenance - so I guess that ticked one of their boxes,” Peter said.

He said he did a lot of reading of material provided to him before attending.

“It (global warming) is a bit like religion in that you either believe in it or you don't,” Peter said.

Peter said he went along with an open mind, but had his slightly blinkered eyes well and truly prised wide open.

To log on to the World Wide Views website go to

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