CLEAR CONCERN: Noosa councillors are worried about the impacts of a subdivision application to clear this oceanside canopy.
CLEAR CONCERN: Noosa councillors are worried about the impacts of a subdivision application to clear this oceanside canopy. Peter Gardiner

Plan to carve up beach drive view

A PROPOSAL to clear one of Noosa's best known coastal views at Castaways Beach for subdivision has seen Mayor Tony Wellington invoke the 1990s protest spirit used to halt development of the Marcus high dune.

Councillors last night were expected to unanimously reject the development application by Kenlynn Pty Ltd to increase a duplex block on the eastern side of the David Low Way to six lots.

And though this is modest compared to the scale of the failed Marcus high dune residential estate application, Cr Wellington and his team sound prepared to dig in and fight any legal challenge to a development refusal.

"Noosa Council has a long and proud history of limiting urban development on the coastal strip,” the mayor said.

"And that came to a zenith with the fight over the Marcus high dunes, which prevented massive development on the high dunes.

"This is part of an ongoing continuum for this council of protecting that area.”

Cr Brian Stockwell said the applicant has argued that because the land is in the urban footprint the subdivision should be allowed to proceed.

"That's not what we do in Noosa,” he said.

"The development is one that asks us to not only neglect the maintenance of good buffers to our beaches and to our waterways and our wetlands, it also asks us to ignore the fact that we've identified it as a significant biodiversity corridor in our town planning scheme.”

He said this biodiversity protection was a "very important principal that we should never back down on”.

"I think the issue in regard to character is also important,” Cr Stockwell said. "This is one of the key experiences of Noosa, driving down the David Low Way and viewing the beach across vegetation.

"What this development proposes is, at a key point in that drive, creating a sea of urban roofs and cleared vegetation, which would significantly reduce the local character.”

He said the overall subdivision layout and concept was poor.

Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie said one of the big concerns for him was having an urban development on the eastern side of the David Low Way on a crest of a hill with curved road.

He said to achieve a safe access, the developer would have to remove significant vegetation and do expensive roadworks.

A council report said the applicant's environmental assessment asserts the site is degraded with a high level of weed infestations and has limited vegetation worthy of retention apart from the northern section of the site adjoining Burgess Creek.

The subdivision would see the clearing of about 62per cent of the site due to unexploded ordnance clearance requirements.

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