SCOOTER HEAVEN: Hastings St could be the even more a mecca for scooters and bikes.
SCOOTER HEAVEN: Hastings St could be the even more a mecca for scooters and bikes. Erle Levey

Plans to make Noosa the two-wheeling capital

ONE Noosa councillor sees the shire transport policy now being formulated will drive Noosa towards becoming the scooter capital of Queensland.

And his fellow councillors back Councillor Brian Stockwell's congestion- busting bid to make road networks safer and more accommodating for scooters, electric vehicles and cycles.

The policy, which will guide the Noosa Council for the next 20 years with the mission to "encourage alternative transport usage and reduce dependence on private cars", is the fore- runner to widespread community consultation on the way to adopting an overall strategy

Cr Stockwell said the policy was "about facilitating the design of a transport network that helps to achieve both our zero emissions target plus the community's zero emiss- ions target".

He said the policy going forward would look closer "at both at the transform- ational technology such as electrical vehicles, but also transitional ones such as moving to low emissions scooters and cycles".

"There's also a congestion element to it in that we do know that a lot of the workers who work down at Hastings St and other congested areas during peak times have converted to scooters," Cr Stockwell said.

"It's the way to get to work without having to queue."

"If we are encouraging scooters and cycles as part of the mix we want to try and look at the designs to see if we can make it more safe for those people to use those vehicles."

He said riding scooters could be part of the cultural identification when people come here

"My view is that Noosa could be the scooter capital of Queensland."

His aim was for people coming to Noosa to "give the car a holiday".

"If you want to go around in some motorised vehicle, you hop on a scooter or an electric bike."

Independent consultants Parsons Brinckerhoff are providing council with advice on contemporary global responses to transportation issues.

The consultant was asked to provide input into the establishment of a draft vision and strategy which the council could use alongside the community's feedback, to form the basis of a high-level strategy for further community engagement.

"Following adoption of the policy, further work will be undertaken to develop a discussion paper, similar to the New Planning Scheme discussion paper," a council report said. This will produce a five-year Transport Action Plan.

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