White's Peregian IGA is hoping to go plastic bag free.
White's Peregian IGA is hoping to go plastic bag free. Peter Gardiner

Plastic bag ban needs support

AT WHITE'S IGA supermarket in Peregian, hundreds of free Boomerang eco-friendly bags have been flying out the door.

The problem to date, according to IGA staffers backing the 12-month-old Noosa initiative, is that not enough are coming back to help wean shoppers off an over-reliance on environmentally destructive plastic bags.

Roz White opened the doors to the supermarket earlier this year intent that the days of plastic bags were numbered.

The sooner they could be shown the door without adversely impacting on customers, the better.

But on Tuesday she told the driver of Noosa's Boomerang Bags, Desire Gralton, of one challenge. And that was how to transport the humble hot chook home, minus an outer plastic bag, without it dripping everywhere.

This is one practicality that Ms White wants to solve first, but Ms Gralton believes with both the LNP this week announcing a ban in line with Labor State Government, the goose for this shopping bane is all but cooked.

Ms White and Ms Gralton joined the LNP Member for Noosa Glen Elmes at the IGA to promote a plastic-free Noosa, with the MP donating 250 reusable bags and kicking $500 towards Boomerang Bags.

"Yesterday we announced a policy of banning single use plastic bags,” Mr Elmes said.

"I think every reasonable clear-thinking person out there knows we've got to do something about getting these things out of the environment and this will do it,” Mr Elmes said.

Ms White said she had been gathering as much research as she could on how to be plastic bag free.

"It is an education process too,” she said.

"We don't give them (customers) plastic bags now if they've only got a couple of items.

"We say 'sorry it's either no bag, or you're welcome to take a Boomerang Bag or purchase a recycle bag'.

"I don't think anyone will resist the idea. It's just sometimes they don't understand how they will do it,” Ms White said.

"Customers say 'I've got some, I've just forgotten to bring them, so I'll take plastic this time'.”

Specially designed White's Grocer bags have now arrived in store to offer a further range of choice.

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