Playford says split cost critics will have egg on faces

NOOSA Mayor Noel Playford says a Queensland Audit Office report on de-amalgamation costs and overall council finances will leave critics alleging costing blowouts with egg on their face.

Cr Playford said that spurious claims of Noosa needing $20 million to pay for de-amalgamation should finally be put to bed.

"The bottom line is that when the Queensland Audit Office finishes its audit later this year we expect the QAO will include information about what the final de-amalgamation costs have been," he said.

"I suggest that rather than get themselves excited about imaginings, people should sit back and wait.

"But I have no doubt that some people will claim whatever that figure is, they'll claim the audit office got it wrong.

"The same people who are now talking about fanciful de-amalgamation costs were the same people who were saying that every ratepayer (in Noosa) would have to pay $260 in the first year, and $140 every year after that on top of it, for the next five years."

The Mayor said Noosa Council's financials could be easily accessed on its website.

"Forward financials for the next 10 years show that not only do we meet the government-approved ratios for this year, but we will meet them every year for the next 10 years," he said.

"I mean, where are their statements about $260? They suddenly dropped them, but we're hiding things."

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