Plenty of colourful plants in season

Now is a great time to add colour to your garden with lavender.
Now is a great time to add colour to your garden with lavender. Kevin Farmer

EVEN if we water regularly to keep our plants alive and well, when we have some rain it just seems everything bursts into growth.

I'm not complaining except the dreaded weeds also burst into action, and now seem to be growing at a rate of knots, including the dreaded bindi.

So if you want a prickle free lawn you need to spray for bindi now, before they develop their sharp prickles.

If you think your garden looks dull and lifeless and you wish to make it all fresh and cheery again then there is no reason why you cannot do this, as many plants are flowering at the moment including azaleas which are just coming into flower, also the camellias, gardenias and tropical rhododendrons, along with lavenders, kangaroo paws, verbenas, white may bush, polygalas, genistas, new guinea impatiens and many different varieties of daisies in an assortment of colours.

The spectacular yellow flowering trees around Grafton streets are the tabebuia, which create a wonderful sight to welcome our spring season, the pink or mauve trees are also tabebuia, so if you want a lovely small tree which flowers at this time of the year you will not find anything as spectacular as a tabebuia tree.

One of the most popular fruiting vines is the passionfruit and they are now available in a selection of different varieties, along with grape vines and berries including raspberries, blueberries, youngberries and loganberries.


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