Police are set for taser increase in Noosa
Police are set for taser increase in Noosa

Police are set with stunning taser increases

NOOSA police have been reinforced with five additional tasers, as well as having their existing stunning arrest options replaced with new models to help stop criminals in their tracks.

Officer in charge Senior Sergeant Ben Carroll said the extra issue "has certainly bolstered our operational requirements”.

"It enables us to have one per officer, which is really handy,” Sen Sgt Carroll said.

"They are used rarely, but they are an excellent use of force option and in most instances their mere presentation is enough to bring a situation under control.”

He said all of Noosa's police officers, which includes 36 general duties officers and 11 detectives, are trained to use tasers and must undergo annual refresher courses as part of their operational skills training.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said the Taser Replacement Project is delivering 246 new tasers, including 90 extra tasers, and 403 taser holsters to the Coast to help take state taser stocks from 3900 to 5000.

"Queensland police have been using tasers since 2008 after a successful 12 month trial in 2007,” Mr Ryan said.

"Tasers have a high deterrent value for police dealing with aggressive people but can also ensure their immediate incapacitation from a safe distance if that is necessary.”

Acting Inspector Paul Jones said these new model tasers are connected through the Evidence.com system which police already use to access their body worn camera footage.

"This will make taser downloads and firmware updates much easier, saving a significant amount of time for frontline police,” he said.

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