Photographer warned mum and children to keep away after spotting man harassing teenagers.
Photographer warned mum and children to keep away after spotting man harassing teenagers. supplied

Nudist hassles teens at Coolum Beach

POLICE have urged beachgoers to report any suspicious behaviour after a naked man was spotted yelling at a group of teenagers at Coolum Beach.

A Sunshine Coast photographer, who did not want to be named, was taking seascape photos late in the afternoon when he spotted the man standing stark naked at Second Bay.

It was not exactly the day at the beach a group of teenagers was expecting.

The photographer turned his lens to the commotion to capture what he described as a disturbing incident at a family-friendly beach.

"He was waving his hands trying to get the people's attention but they were just trying their best to ignore him," the photographer said.

"Then he sat down on the rocks for a while, covering himself with a towel at this point.

"The teenagers eventually left. I saw a woman just after with her two kids and warned her of what I'd just seen.

"The man wasn't violent, but I was still so surprised this happened. It's not a quiet beach, lots of people come here with their dogs and children."

Senior Sergeant Hardy Wirth said officers conducted regular patrols of the beach area on quad and trail bikes as well as on foot.

He said these sorts of patrols come with the territory of a beachside station.

Snr Sgt Wirth said police had not received a report of this particular naked man and the station had not received any complaints of nudity at Second Bay in a number of months.

"People should be reporting these sorts of things to police if they see it,'' he said.

"It's concerning, especially when you have kids around.

"We want to do everything we can to ensure the safety of the public so they can enjoy themselves at the beach," Snr Sgt Wirth said.

Last week, a female trail runner told of being confronted by naked men while training at Noosa National Park.

Suspicious behaviour can be reported to PoliceLink on 131 444.

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