Tewantin Noosa RSL CEO Phil Stephenson, left, with Chandler Kamradt.
Tewantin Noosa RSL CEO Phil Stephenson, left, with Chandler Kamradt. Geoff Potterna

Polite request gets a 'yes'

Noosaville State School student Chandler Kamradt has scored his school about $9000 worth of equipment and donations, and all he had to do was ask.

The Year 4 student sent a letter to Tewantin-Noosa RSL club asking to support the school’s “Alternative Music Program”.

In his letter, he wrote, “This is where children like myself can get to learn and play different musical instruments like guitar, drums and keyboards and get involved in song writing”.

Tewantin-Noosa RSL chief executive officer Phil Stephenson read Chandler’s letter and, after a discussion with program coordinator Barney Rodway, went to the club’s Community Support Committee to petition for funds.

Chandler received more than just a small donation when the club’s Community Support Committee not only organised a contribution of $500 towards the school’s program, but also offered them a chance to equip themselves with sound gear that had been disused and in storage at the club.

“The sound equipment was independently valued at over $8500,” Mr Stephenson said.

“We are just delighted that it will be put to good use with the up and coming musicians at Noosaville State School.”

The school’s Alternative Music Program was the result of the foresight of school principal Rob Ban den Heuvel, who recognised the need within the school to offer students and parents something unique in regards to extracurricular instrumental tuition.

The program hands kids, who may never have played a note, instruments such as guitar, keyboard and drums and teaches them how to crack the “songs code” by using simple music notation, so they may eventually pick up notes by ear and learn to create their own musical melody.

“This is something that gives students permission to celebrate their uniqueness, a licence to be original and express their individuality,” Mr Rodway said.

The Noosaville school also received a generous donation of $1000 from the Tewantin-Noosa RSL club to purchase another smartboard (interactive whiteboard) to help educate their disabled student base.

While young Chandler had made it his own independent initiative to write to the club, school principal Mr Ban den Heuvel had made a request for support to the club for the school’s Special Education Facility.

“Catering for over 65 students with a range of disabilities, Noosaville State School is the only location between Nambour and Gympie that is coded to support students with high need multiple disabilities,” he said.

“Due to the diverse range of students with very high support needs, we are constantly exploring new and motivating mediums, including music, to encourage high levels of student engagement.”

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