Pomona continues to rail against QR

'RAIL FAIL': Protesters Mari Gray, Noosa MP Glen Elmes, Michael Egan and Gary Corbett.
'RAIL FAIL': Protesters Mari Gray, Noosa MP Glen Elmes, Michael Egan and Gary Corbett. Amber Macpherson

DESPITE zero cases of injury or death at the Pomona railway foot crossing, Queensland Rail is determined to restrict access between the two parts of town.

On Saturday, QR representatives held an information session at Lawson's Shed, Pomona for concerned locals to discuss options for the future of the crossing.

"We can't do nothing,” QR representative Charlotte Fey said.

"We have identified some safety concerns with the crossing, like with visibility when crossing from Factory and Station St.

"At this crossing, there hasn't been any cases of injury or death, but to do nothing is not an option.”

MP Glen Elmes has thrown his support behind the Don't Divide Pomona campaign, attending the QR information session on the weekend.

Mr Elmes will present a petition of more than 1400 signatures, almost half the population of Pomona, to Queensland Parliament House today, protesting the closure of the crossing.

"I'll be presenting the documents to Parliament (today), and I intend to make a speech.” Mr Elmes said.

"They (QR) are surprised at the amount of real community concern.

"We had 140 people here not long ago for the protest; we've had dozens turn up today (Saturday) already to let QR know they won't be silent about this.

"This is a matter of common sense.

"All we have to do is find an acceptable level of safety.”

QR presented four potential alternatives to the crossing as it is now, including increasing lighting at the Subway Ave underpass, upgrading the crossing at the Reserve St intersection, installing a pedestrian crossing over the railway across town, or upgrading the existing level crossing with protective gates.

Amy Colley, from Don't Divide Pomona, says the crossing issue is causing great concern within the community, something the relaxed town is not used to.

"We're in the country, we're complacent, but when something concerns all of us, we do something about it,” Ms Colley said.

"It obviously struck a nerve with people.

"For somebody else to come who doesn't live here and say you can't use it anymore, it doesn't seem right.”

Ms Fey said QR continuously assessed the safety of its rail networks and a final decision to close the crossing hadn't been made.

"We're always assessing risk, it's something that we do regularly over time, that's a requirement,” she said.

"We knew any major change would trigger community consultation.

"We haven't stepped through the process of how we would go about it.”

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