THINGS HAPPEN: Many believe the Pomona Hotel is haunted, along with The Majestic Theatre.
THINGS HAPPEN: Many believe the Pomona Hotel is haunted, along with The Majestic Theatre.

Pomona gets more than its share of the paranormal

GHOSTLY spirits or merely the groans and creaks of an old building?

It is the question that has long fascinated the people of Pomona, who lay claim to what might be the Sunshine Coast's most haunted building, The Majestic Theatre.

In the 94 years since the building was erected in Factory St, stories of ghostly goings-on within its walls have spread far and wide.

"Oh yes, we've had quite a few inquiries from paranormal investigators who want to check it out," Robyn Jones, the president of theatre owner Pomona Arts Inc, said with a laugh.

"We are a little bit curious. There's been a lot of talk about ghosts.

"There's always been stories, like just about any old building.

"It does make it more interesting."

Former owner Ron West was convinced the spirit of his late wife, Mandy, walked the theatre's corridors, and mysterious gusts of wind, lights being turned on and the sound of footsteps are not uncommon.

Ms Jones, who was a member of the team that saved the once rundown building when it was up for demolition in 2006, said any strange happenings had never impeded the venue's role of providing live performances and film screenings.

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And while a little bit of mystery can be a good thing, she admits she will not mind if someone can confirm a ghostly presence.

"I'd be quite happy if the theatre had a benign spirit," she said.

"It's a kind of nice thing to have in an old theatre like this."

Despite spending many hours in the building, Ms Jones said she had never experienced anything that proved it was haunted.

"I've heard lots of noises, but you would expect that in such an old building," she said.

"If I were worried, I wouldn't be here on my own.

"I've got to the point where whatever is causing those unexplained things, whoever it is, it's someone benign who doesn't wish us any harm. It's not causing any trouble.

"I hear of people experiencing things on the spooky side, but we always feel the energy here is really good.

"It's a place where a lot of happy things have happened."

Ms Jones said The Majestic Theatre - reportedly the oldest authentic silent movie theatre in the world - was not the only venue in town that had earnt an eerie reputation.

Before it was demolished, the old Railway Hotel was supposedly home to a male ghost with a tragic history.

Local legend has it the ghost was Chinese banana grower George Dann, who was stabbed to death in the hotel on April 13, 1928.

Italian immigrant Guiseppe Sciglitano was arrested for the racially motivated murder, found guilty and jailed.

Also, a resident spectre reportedly walks the halls of the Pomona Hotel.

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