A WORRY: Sheets of iron suggest our river islands are targeted by campers.
A WORRY: Sheets of iron suggest our river islands are targeted by campers. NICA

Poo and camp site create Noosa River worry

NOOSA Integrated Catchment Association (NICA) members are a group of volunteers who actively participate in programs aimed at improving water quality throughout the Noosa River Catchment.

Our activities include rubbish collection along the river banks, regular water quality testing and reporting, weed removal and re-vegetation of natural areas, publication of environmental books and newsletters.

NICA's first rubbish clean-up for the year has presented some alarming findings on our trip around the lower estuary.

At the water's edge along part of "the Frying Pan” has been turned into a general toilet area with human waste and toilet paper clearly evident.

We have also found similar behaviour further up the river at Lake Cooroibah. Is it people having a picnic or a party there who "can't wait”, or have boats with on-board toilets been discharging their waste?

Faecal matter in the river not only pollutes the water, it also risks faecal born viruses and bacteria, like hepatitis and cholera among others, being absorbed into the organisms which fish feed upon, and from there becoming more concentrated up the food chain... to humans.

Thankfully picnickers and party-goers have been removing more of their rubbish recently from the river banks and sand islands so there was a little less litter than usual; only two bags full of odd bits of clothing, food and drink containers, some bongs, plus two crab pots.

But then we found signs of someone wanting to build a shack on Keyser Island in the middle of Weyba Creek - just across from the AFL football ground - with sheets of galvanised iron and timber apparently ready to assemble.

This has been a popular venture in the past, and authorities do take an interest in anyone attempting to camp there as it is part of the national park.

For more information, go to www.noosariver.com.au.

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