Be safe and watch children around pools this summer season.
Be safe and watch children around pools this summer season. Contributed

Pool safety has to be a priority

WITH Christmas here, water safety experts are reminding pool owners to undertake safety checks of their pool and surrounds, to help prevent drownings and near-fatalities.

Kids Alive - Do the Five founder and Poolwerx water safety ambassador Laurie Lawrence said 33 Aussies lost their lives in swimming pool drownings last year and it was vital pool owners ensured their pool area was a safe zone.

"Kids, in particular, are drawn to the water like magnets, which is why it is so important to make sure your pool fences and gates are in good working order and there is nothing that a child could climb on that would give them access to the pool,” he said.

"It's also vital that kids are always supervised when they are in the pool and that pool owners know how to perform CPR.”

Poolwerx Noosa and Cooroy owner Conrad Reed said along with pool safety checks, owners should maintain their pools year round to ensure the pool's water quality was safe for swimming.

"Pool owners need to have their pool water tested regularly both in summer and winter, as poor water quality can lead to far worse problems than just having green water, with ear, nose and throat infections all side-effects of swimming in a dirty pool.”

Mr Reed also provided his top tips for a safe swimming season.

Ensure the pool environment is safe

Maintain your pool fence and gate and have an updated CPR chart on display.

Teach kids to swim

Under-fives are the most at risk around pools during summer, so parents need to ensure their children are receiving lessons.

Know CPR

Make sure your CPR skills are up to date, it could save a life.

Check pool equipment

The last thing you want is for your equipment to fail in the middle of a blistering hot summer. Check equipment for problems and don't be afraid to upgrade - it could save you money down the track.

Check pH levels

Ensure the pH level is within a healthy range. Your pool's pH level should always remain between 7.2 and 7.6.

Chlorinate the pool

Chlorine levels should remain at 2-3 PPM to disinfect all microorganisms.

Clean your pool

Vacuum and skim the pool regularly and organise regular professional check-ups. Cleaning your pool regularly removes debris that allows algae to thrive and a regular pool maintenance schedule will ensure healthy, clean pool water throughout the year.

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