POWERING ON: The Port Adelaide Power warm up on their first day of training in Noosa.
POWERING ON: The Port Adelaide Power warm up on their first day of training in Noosa. Contributed

Port Power in Noosa for tough preseason work out

AFL: Port Adelaide's pre-season preparations are set to ramp up "quite significantly” after arriving in Noosa last Wednesday with assistant coach Michael Voss keen to test the playing group's resilience.

The Power arrived for a week-long training camp with the hard work and bonding aimed at forming key goals and if the heavens opened as predicted, they would be able to endure a real wet weather slog.

"First and foremost we want to make sure we've got the right conditioning under our belts coming into Christmas so our workload will go up quite significantly for this camp,” Voss said.

"We've had a good five weeks now of sort of good build-up and the loads have progressively increased and they've become familiar with things that we're trying to do within those training sessions, so it's (this week) probably putting them to the test and testing their resilience in a few different areas.”

Port Adelaide entered the camp with added depth, having recruited a number of young talents during the national draft, including early picks Connor Rozee, Zak Butters and Xavier Duursma.

Voss said they had been exciting additions and was hopeful they'd play a big role in the 2019 campaign.

"It was a real priority for our club to make sure we got some early picks and all the signs from those kids that you'll see on the camp has been really positive,” he said. "When you add that in, and growth from guys that are already in the team, then it adds to that depth and hopefully there'll be some competition between spots.”

Voss said the club had plenty to work on if they were to be in the mix in 2019.

"When you're not where you want to be you have to look at everything you do and try and improve in particular areas,” he said.

"That's what this camp is for, to home in on a few of those things so the players are really clear on what we're all about.

"You can't win premierships in March but you can lose them, so the fact is we've got to get our preparation right. If you miss this part of season it really does hurt you big time during the year and it's very hard or difficult to catch up.”

Voss will speak at a dinner with the Noosa Tigers Friday at 5.30pm.

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