Some of the faces of the 2020 Power 100.

POWER 100 2020: Toowoomba’s most influential people – 40-31

THESE are Toowoomba's most influential people, the men and women who make our city what it is today.

Some of the faces you will know, others might come as a surprise.

Over the next two weeks The Chronicle will count down our 100 most powerful people, online and in print.

Power and influence are a subjective thing, so you might not agree with everyone we have put, or haven't put on the list.

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David Janetzki MP.
David Janetzki MP.

40. David Janetzki

Toowoomba South MP David Janetzki has risen dramatically in the ranks of the Liberal National Party since he came to the role at the 2016 by-election.

He is now the Opposition's Attorney-General spokesman and is regularly sent around the state to campaign and advocate for the party.

He has been touted by some commentators and observers as a future leader of the LNP.

Locally he has campaigned for issues like child safety, new high schools and making our school zones safer.

He had an extensive career in Toowoomba pre-parliament. He was formerly the head of banking operations at Heritage Bank, a lawyer, director of Vanguard Laundry, Empire Theatres Foundation deputy chairman, Chamber of Commerce director and board member for Opera Queensland.

David placed 63 in the last Power 100.


Brad Fitzgibbons.
Brad Fitzgibbons.

39. Brad Fitzgibbons

While he may come from a long line of hoteliers, Brad Fitzgibbons has staked his own place in Toowoomba pub history.

On top of seeing his pub Fitzy's through the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Fitzgibbons is the head of the Toowoomba Safe Night Precinct.

In that role, he coordinates with pubs and venues across the city, as well as police, transport operators and other organisations, to help make Toowoomba the safest place it can be for night-life revellers.

He was a vocal critic of the Queensland Government's ID scanners and restrictions, which last year underwent several changes that he welcomed.

He is the vice president of the Queensland Hotels Association.

Brad placed 46 in the last Power 100.


Barry Bernoth.
Barry Bernoth.

38. Barry Bernoth

Barry Bernoth is changing the skyline of Toowoomba.

The long-time developer has played a key role in redeveloping the CBD and is now bringing it further into the 21st century.

From the Bernoth Centre, Gabbinbar Homestead, NAB Ruthven St and more, Mr Bernoth and his company Bernoth Properties have been behind many major redevelopments.

More recently he built the Inspire South Central building on Ruthven St.

His next major development would see an 11 story residential tower and car park built on the corner of Neil St and Bell St.

Barry placed 74 in the last Power 100.


Dr Peter Gillies.
Dr Peter Gillies.

37. Dr Peter Gillies

Dr Peter Gillies has been the Chief Executive of the Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service since 2016.

On starting the role he was faced with the major challenge of ageing infrastructure burdened with an ageing population.

He's worked closely on the plans for the new Toowoomba Hospital at the Baillie Henderson campus, which will hopefully alleviate those issues.

He's worked as a doctor across the world and also served as the general manager of the Toowoomba Hospital.

Peter placed 32 in the last Power 100.


John Russell.
John Russell.

36. John Russell

Founded in 1985, Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) is a global player in its industry and has put Toowoomba on the resources engineering map.

With offices across the Americas, Europe and Australia, John Russell has taken a small Toowoomba company that produces mill relining machines global.

His products are known for their cost-saving and production efficiencies and have been sent to hundreds of mine sites in dozens of countries.

John placed 85 in the last Power 100.


Charlie Mort.
Charlie Mort.

35. Charlie Mort

The executive chairman of major feedlot company Mort and Co has spent more than 25 years in the industry, having re-established it in 1997 after it was founded by ancestor Thomas Mort in 1843.

Prior to resurrecting the business, Mr Mort was the Queensland services manager at Primac.

Mort and Co, which works on an integrated vertical supply chain model, boasts an annual turnover of more than $400 million and processes 215,000 cattle annually.

The company recently moved into its new premises, appropriately at the old Mort Estate Hotel.

This is Charlie's Power 100 debut.


Ian Knox.
Ian Knox.

34. Ian Knox

As the CEO of Hallmark Property, Ian Knox is one of the leading voices in Toowoomba's development industry.

Mr Knox has more than 40 years of experience in the sector and has developed a number of major housing estates in Westbrook, Dalby and Middle Ridge.

Hallmark Property was also responsible for the Northpoint Shopping Centre, which opened in 2014.

For years he has pushed for the progress of a massive 1500-lot development outside Westbrook called Fernleigh, which was only partially approved by the council last year and eventually shelved.

Mr Knox is known for his criticisms of the council, particularly in its handling of land allocation and planning process.

Ian placed 96 in the last Power 100.


Kathryn McKeefry.
Kathryn McKeefry.

33. Kathryn McKeefry

Kathryn McKeefry has overseen the huge expansion of St Vincent's Private Hospital since her appointment to the CEO role in 2016.

In 2018 the new $30 million operating theatre suite opened early and on budget, and now she is overseeing the construction of a new emergency department at the hospital.

She has made it her mission to ensure St Vincent's Private Hospital is one of the best healthcare facilities in the region.

She has taken part in charity events, including the CEO Sleepout and has also served on the board of various regional groups, including TSBE.

Kathryn placed 33 in the last Power 100.


Kenneth Wagner.
Kenneth Wagner.

32. Kenneth Wagner

He may be from the youngest generation of the Wagner family, but Kenneth Wagner has already left his mark on the city in a big way.

Through his company KPAT Property, Mr Wagner developed the site of the old Gladstone Hotel on Ruthven St into The Oaks Hotel that it is today.

He is also the owner of The Rock pub that forms part of that development.

It's one of the many high-rise developments in recent years that is changing just what the Toowoomba CBD looks like.

In 2016, Mr Wagner considered running for the Toowoomba South seat for the LNP in State Parliament and told The Chronicle he had an interest in state politics.

This is Kenneth's Power 100 debut.


Jen Shaw.
Jen Shaw.

31. Jen Shaw

After a rough start in life, Jen Shaw decided to help other young people going through a tough time.

In 2017 Ms Shaw launched Emerge, a social enterprise catering company for disengaged or at-risk youth.

Through the organisation she also created youth hubs and boxing programs across the region for young people that needed them.

Now, Emerge is a bustling cafe, run out of a large space in Station St, and has provided employment for dozens of at risk youth and support for hundreds more.

This is Jen's Power 100 debut.