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Cocktail Hour. A modern twist on the 70s prawn cocktail. Prawns, crisp iceberg lettuce, avocado, ruby red grapefruit and traditional cocktail sauce. Photo: Darryn Smith / Sunshine Coast Daily
Cocktail Hour. A modern twist on the 70s prawn cocktail. Prawns, crisp iceberg lettuce, avocado, ruby red grapefruit and traditional cocktail sauce. Photo: Darryn Smith / Sunshine Coast Daily Darryn Smith

WE TOLD you about the mussel specials at Relish at Noosa Springs last month and you flocked.

Now it's time for the prawn to star at the popular country club restaurant.

Chef Aden Moriarty is keeping his promise to theme a lunch special around a product and present three different dishes for your pleasure every couple of months.

Taking centre stage from now until the end of October are three superb prawn dishes and you are certain to love each one of them so much you'll be back three times to try them all.

First up, the prawn cocktail. A retro one we know, but Chef Aden has a special twist on it.

Super fresh and crisp lettuce is the bed for a generous number of prawns to recline on. Add chunks of perfectly ripe avocado, segments of almost translucent pink ruby grapefruit, some snipped chives and a delicious creamy cocktail sauce and you have a carefully composed prawn cocktail that sings - nothing like you ate in the 70s.

The Coast's famous Mooloolaba prawns supplied by Mooloolah River Fisheries is the unabashed celebrity of all three dishes.

Chef Aden talked so nicely to the good people at Mooloolah River Fishers they agreed to supply him with as many prawns as he could use at the best possible price. Consequently, Aden has put a generous hand on all three dishes and they brim pleasingly with the luscious prawns.

"There is no point putting a prawn dish on a menu unless you can be generous," Aden said.

The pizza is a ripper with a stack of fat curled prawns nestling amongst garlic, chilli and mozzarella with a generous layer of cherry tomatoes, a scattering of rocket and creamy stripes of aioli creating a pattern over the lot.

We demolished the pizza with robust lust after we'd been polite over the prawn cocktail.

Each prawn dish comes with a glass of sauvignon blanc or pinot noir - and we didn't hold back there either.

While the two dishes were more than enough - we shared both - we had to try all three on your behalf.

So on to the linguini. The pasta came sticky with cream and Pernod sauce and buttered leeks, studded with prawns. A sprinkle of dill and a lemon cheek finished off the dish. A case of quality going hand-in-hand with simplicity.

Enjoying this superb fresh food in the spring sunshine on the veranda overlooking the golfers on the immaculate greens gave cause to thank our good fortune just for being alive - not to mention thanks to Aden Moriarty's talent and generosity with the prawns.

The usual a la carte lunch menu runs at the same time as the prawn special, and because we felt so pleased with ourselves, we shared a chocolate pudding with hokey pokey ice-cream and a little mound of marinated berries. The world became a better place when we dug a spoon into the chocolate pudding and out poured molten lava of thick dark chocolate to puddle around the ice-cream.

It was a memorable Sunday lunch, especially as we were joined on the veranda by the contended golfers coming off the course and indulging as much as we had.

To see a video of the prawn dishes go to

Prawn special

Three prawn dishes, $22 each including a glass of wine.


Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort,

Noosa Springs Dr,

Telephone: 54403317

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