Premier tells Parliament Morcombes are 'inspiration to all'

QUEENSLAND'S leader labelled Denise and Bruce Morcombe an "inspiration to all of us" as parliament opened on Tuesday morning.

Premier Campbell Newman said their courage and unwavering determination to find Daniel and bring his killer to justice had "moved us all".

He said they had also brought lasting change to protect children and the Daniel Morcombe Foundation was making a real difference to child safety.

"The conviction and sentencing of the man responsible for Daniel's death brings to an end one of most tragic events in Queensland's history," he said.

"It's something Queenslanders have been hoping to see happen for more than 10 years.

"I again want to thank everyone involved in the long and often arduous journey of getting justice for Daniel and his family - in particular police, SES, volunteers, jurors and prosecutors.

"So many people have played an important part in bringing a killer to justice.

"No one has been more important in the long struggle for justice than the Morcombe family."

Mr Newman said his heart also went out to Stafford MP Chris Davis who suffered a personal tragedy in the past 48 hours.

He said Mr Davis' daughter Jessica died in a traffic crash as she returned to the University of New England for her studies.

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