Bomb threat puts school in lockdown

A PROMINENT Toowoomba private school went into lockdown after a bomb threat was received.

Police converged on Fairholme College in East Toowoomba about 5.45pm yesterday after a threat from an anonymous caller.

The caller was a young man, according to a Fairholme College statement.

He claimed to have placed a bomb in one of the school's classrooms.

"Toowoomba Police responded with immediacy and conducted a thorough search of the area indicated, as well as surrounding areas," a Fairholme College spokeswoman said.

"They ensured that the school was secure before handing over to the college's security firm. As a precautionary measure, extra guards worked through the evening.

"To ensure the safety of our boarder girls a number of senior staff joined with the boarding staff as supervisors.

"Since the girls could not have their evening meal in the dining room, 75 pizzas were ordered, a change to eating routine that caused a great deal of excitement.

"The girls responded calmly and responsibly and the Year 12 girls were particularly effective in keeping everyone busy until the police had finished their search."

Classes at Fairholme College will resume in the morning as usual.

Streets around the Wirra Wirra St campus were closed as police searched the school.

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