Promise that all costs will be revealed

PEOPLE can argue until they are "blue in the face" about what the actual cost of Noosa de-amalgamation is and never agree.

That is according to Noosa CEO Brett de Chastel, who was asked at a recent ratepayers meeting by critic of the Sunshine Coast breakaway, John Lobb, to give an estimate of de-amalgamation costs.

This was in the wake of claims by the Sunshine Coast Council's Councillor Chris Thompson that Noosa Council has expired a $12 million line of state treasury credit set up to cover de-amalgamation.

One of the major sticking points is whether Noosa Council's bill of more than $6 million for 80 "forced" redundancies after the Coast council staff transfers, should be part of this bill to be paid by Noosa ratepayers.

Mr de Chastel said the transfer committee comprising himself and Coast CEO John Knaggs "approves a lot of those de-amalgamation costs".

"We have a process that works that through, myself and John Knaggs," he said.

"Costs that have been approved through that process are $2, 222, 222 - but some of those costs are in dispute.

"One of them was about cost of senior staff for the Sunshine Coast (of) 200,000 plus dollars."

The CEO said that matter was with Local Government Minister David Crisafulli to determine.

"There are costs also that have been incurred after January 1 for the new council - people can argue, is that a de-amalgamation cost, is it not a de-amalgamation cost?

"Depending on you point of view, people will argue that until you are blue in the face. We will (at the end of the process) publish what we think are the de-amalgamation costs subject to audit," he said.

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