She Rides bike program to promote women's cycling is coming back to Noosa.
She Rides bike program to promote women's cycling is coming back to Noosa. COntributed

Push for cycling empowerment in Noosa gains speed

IT'S apolitical Lycra-clad girl power to the max as the She Rides' women's independence push gathers momentum again in Noosa.

The Cycling Australia's program helps women regain riding skills, improve their fitness and create a social network of friends in the local community.

Since its inception in 2014, She Rides has generated outstanding results in the behavioural and attitudinal shifts of the women taking part.

Now in more than 50 locations around Australia registrations kicks off in Noosa on March 27 with up to nine local women taking part in the mountain bike program.

Noosa program leader Jan Leverton said she was excited to get going and was looking forward to watching the participants' skills improve every week

"I have loved the fitness and lifestyle benefits that I have gained from cycling so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help other women over the Sunshine Cost start their riding journey,” Jan said.

Cycling Australia CEO Nicholas Green OAM said: "She Rides is the product of Cycling Australia's vision to create a national community of women who ride.”

As well as the benefits and friendships She Rides affords all participants it has had an even bigger impact on the life of Noosa resident, Fiona Bartlett, who was part of the 2014 group.

"I want to say how much we all seemed to gain from this program.

"It has certainly helped me to build skills and confidence riding and helped me to feel connected to the exciting and adventurous mountain bike community,” she said.

"Each of us had ideas of what we wanted to gain and I believe the program not only provided this but even exceeded our expectations. I am so pleased to have taken part.”

She Rides programs will have no more than 18 participants and two leaders, with the Noosa program being even more personalised than that, capped at just nine participants and one leader.

She Rides offers three tiers of programs:

Basics for those who are re-starting their riding journey with the basics.

Confidence for women who have riding skills but are looking to participate for fitness, group riding skills and be part of a social riding community.

Together, which is a group riding program to improve fitness, advance riding skills and enjoy riding with others.

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